Monday, August 2, 2010

Ten-game homestand could signal start of Tigers' turnaround -- or seal their fate

    The good news is the Chicago White were thwarted in their efforts to trade for a slugger, namely Adam Dunn or Manny Ramirez, to juice up their offense.
    The bad news is, aside from stopgap third baseman Jhonny Peralta,  the Tigers weren't able to bolster their injury depleted attack, either.
    And, given their sinking status in the standings, the Tigers' need was definitely greater.
    Meanwhile, the Minnesota Twins, who have suffered their share of major injuries, too, somehow keep on winning.
    That pretty much sums up the American League Central as we enter the final two do-or-die months of the season.
    Night after night, this once-promising summer is coming unraveled right before our eyes.
    Know this: There is nothing wrong with the reeling Tigers that a 10-game winning streak wouldn't help remedy.
    And they're 35-17 at Comerica Park, where their next 10 games will be played.
    But right now can anyone envision the shell-shocked Tigers sweeping the ChiSox, Angels and Rays on this homestand?
    I know I can't. Not anymore.
    The Tigers are hurting physically -- and mentally.
    Their just-completed road trip to St. Petersburg and Boston was grueling. And the way they lost those six games out of seven, especially the last two in Boston, was emotionally draining.
    That has to take a toll.
    Chicago's turnaround has been amazing. 
    That's why the four-game showdown with the White Sox, beginning with a challenging day-night doubleheader on Tuesday, is critical.
    It could signal the beginning of the Tigers' turnaround -- or seal their fate.


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