Sunday, August 9, 2009

Leyland on steroid controversy: "You get sick of it"

        The Tigers begin a four-game series in Boston  on Monday and Jim Leyland knows he is going to be asked about the Red Sox’ David Ortiz and the continuing steroid controversy.
        On Sunday, the Tigers’ manager made it clear where he stands on the matter: He doesn’t condone the use of performance-enhancing drugs, of course, but he is tired of hearing about it and talking about it and he doesn’t think most baseball fans really care.
        “The people who care about it probably don’t like baseball,” Leyland declared, equating the people who clamor for the release of the names of all of the players who tested positive in the supposedly confidential 2003 survey to “nosy neighbors.”
        “I don’t condone steroids or growth hormones or anything else,” Leyland said, firing up another Marlboro. “But it’s gotten to be boring for me.
        “If David Ortiz said he didn’t knowingly take anything, I believe him. I could care less what anybody else thinks.
        “I don’t know how stuff like that comes out. I’ve always thought when something was confidential and sworn to be confidential, that’s what it is. Confidential.  That’s exactly what that means to me, confidential. I think that’s kind of unfair.
        “I’m not blaming the media, but they're not going to let it alone. I’m not blaming anybody because it’s news and that’s what you people do for a living.”
        But Leyland wishes people would just drop the whole witch hunt and move on.
        “You get sick of it,” he said.
        “When a team wins the World Series, and everybody is celebrating, do you think those fans are saying, ‘I wonder how many of those guys are on steroids?’ ”


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